5 thoughts on “IRELAND: 226 years ago, the Weeping Irish Madonna, when Catholics were persecuted in law”

  1. I forgot St. Patrick is Irish.
    Many of my colleagues celebrated the booze and applied for work – leave yesterday.

      1. Fr Alban Butler in Lives of the Saints has him born on Clydeside in Scotland of Roman father and British mother.

    When the Penal Laws were introduced, the landed Irish became Protestant and had no problems. It was the ignorant, superstitious poor Irish who remained ROMAN Catholic and suffered! It was an ENGLISH Pope who gave IRELAND to the NORMANS/BRITISH
    The Bull of Pope Adrian IV Empowering Henry II to Conquer Ireland. A.D. 1155
    (Lyttleton’s “Life of Henry II.,” vol. v. p. 371.)

    Bishop Adrian, servant of the servants of God, sends to his dearest son in Christ, the illustrious king of the English, greeting and apostolic benediction. Laudably and profitably enough thy magnificence thinks of extending thy glorious name on earth, and of heaping up rewards of eternal felicity in Heaven, inasmuch as, like a good catholic prince, thou dost endeavour to enlarge the bounds of the church, to declare the truth of the Christian faith to ignorant and barbarous nations, and to extirpate the plants of evil from the field of the Lord. And, in order the better to perform this, thou dost ask the advice and favour of the apostolic see. In which work, the more lofty the counsel and the better the guidance by which thou dost proceed, so much more do we trust that, by God’s help, thou wilt progress favourably in the same; for the reason that those things which have taken their rise from ardour of faith and love of religion are accustomed always to come to a good end and termination.
    There is indeed no doubt, as thy Highness doth also acknowledge, that Ireland and all other islands which Christ the Sun of Righteousness has illumined, and which have received the doctrines of the Christian faith, belong to the jurisdiction of St. Peter and of the holy Roman Church. Wherefore, so much the more willingly do we grant to them that the right faith and the seed grateful to God may be planted in them, the more we perceive, by examining more strictly our conscience, that this will be required of us.
    The text of Laudabiliter is disputed. No original copy survives and the text above comes from the Expugnatio Hibernica of Giraldus Cambrensis, an unreliable Norman propagandist. The existence of a papal grant was not disputed in the medieval period however, and the English monarchy held or attempted to hold Ireland as a papal fief until Henry VIII declared himself “King of Ireland” in 1542 following his break with Rome.

    1. The Plantagenant’s were a devout Catholic dynasty, that has nothing to do with the Persecution of Catholics in Ireland by the British apostate crown.

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