VATICAN: Pope Francis recites the traditional Our Father (video at 17:00)

Editor’s Note: Back in 2020, a new version of the Our Father in Italian was published and adopted in the standard Italian translation used at the Mass, beginning in the liturgical year of 2021. That new translation was based on the faulty Spanish translation which has been used for nearly 500 years, and reads, “And do not abandon us to temptation”. But Pope Francis has just signaled to the world, that the new translation is not obligatory, by reciting the traditional Italian version which is faithful to the original text, at 17:09 in the above video, from the Angelus recited at St. Peter’s Square. — This is a marvelous and palpable proof of the power of Christ’s Prayer for Peter.

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7 thoughts on “VATICAN: Pope Francis recites the traditional Our Father (video at 17:00)”

  1. During His general audience of March 15 he stated that the baptized and un baptized were equal.
    “Who is more important in the Church: the religious sister or the ordinary person, the baptised, the unbaptised, the child, the bishop? They are all equal, we are equal,”

    How is this proof of Christ’s promise?

    1. Because that is not what he said, he said this:

      Within the framework of the unity of the mission, the diversity of charisms and ministries must not give rise, within the ecclesial body, to privileged categories: here there is not a promotion, and when you conceive of Christian life as a promotion, that the one who is above commands all the others because he has succeeded in climbing, this is not Christianity. This is pure paganism. The Christian vocation is not a promotion, so as to rise, no! It is something else. It is a great thing because, although by the will of Christ some are in an important position, perhaps, doctors, “pastors and dispensers of mysteries on behalf of others, yet all share a true equality with regard to the dignity and to the activity common to all the faithful for the building up of the Body of Christ” (LG, 32). Who has more dignity in the Church: the bishop, the priest? No, we are all Christians in the service of others. Who is more important in the Church: the religious sister or the common person, baptized, not baptized, the child, the bishop…? They are all equal, we are equal and one of the parties themself to be more important than the others, turning up their nose, it is a mistake. That is not the vocation of Jesus. The vocation that Jesus gives, to everyone, but also to those who seem to be in the highest places, is service, serving others, humbling oneself. If you find a person who in the Church has a higher vocation and you see he is vain, say, “Poor soul”, pray for him, because he has not understood what the vocation of God is. The vocation of God is adoration of the Father, love for the community, and service. This is what being apostles is, this is the witness of apostles.

      (official vatican translation)

      So he is speaking about children of Catholics who are not yet baptised, since he is referring to those in the Church.

      1. Actually you are misreading the entire text. He is speaking about how in the apostolate we must practice the spiritual works of mercy regardless of whether the need is had by a christian or non christian, and in the apostolate of the sacraments, we must regard the newborn and unborn with the same respect as the baptized.

  2. The hills resound and the valleys shout out “Alleluia and Amen, blessed be the Lamb of God and His Vicar upon the Earth”!

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