WHO organization is attempting to seize control of all Governments


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7 thoughts on “WHO organization is attempting to seize control of all Governments”

  1. They are establishing branches of CDC ( Disease Control Centers ) on every country.

    This might be part of the global chipping plan of Bill Gates which is 7 years to their target deadline.

  2. Trump TRIED TO DECLARE CCP ENEMY…AND, HE TRIED TO GET THE U.S. OUT OF THE W.H.O. Trump may not be utterly clean; but he did protect to a far greater extent than the treasonous currently fraudulently installed into the Oval now does. The UNIPARTY now SATURATES GOVT and nobody there is a patriot…Only TREASONOUS PROSTITUTES OF The City of London, Basel, D.C. NYC and Beijing. It’s time the people awaken to remember the reason for the 2nd Amendment and STOP VIEWING THE GUNS AND OTHER WEAPONS as Teddy Bears and Security Blankies where just having them is enough to scare ‘EVIL’. An ARMED POPULATION MUST BE WILLING TO PUT BLOOD ON THE LINE FEARLESSLY TO ALLOW CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLICS BASED UPON RELIGIOUS FREEDOM TO WORSHIP GOD ALONE, instead of Psycho-Predatory humans as demanding throughout almost all time. Nobody needs to be a lover of Trump to know he was duped by the UNIPARTY Minions appearing to belong to two different ideologies in our politics. Often in office his instincts in protecting this country from the worse of the evil WERE CORRECT.

  3. The WHO needs to be destroyed, with all their minions and financiers.
    Nobody needs to pay any attention to what that bad joke of an organisation has to say. Demonic influence spreading fast over the world from all angles..

  4. Big organisations are not exempt from cancerous growth and disease and therefore reach the end of their life cycle – end of story, no matter what desperate convulsions they produce in this terminal phase.

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