Cultural Marxists attempt to mainstream Psychopathy

Editor’s Note: This article is just as warmed over modern version of Frederick Nietzsche’s Ubermensch (Superman), wherein he philosophically asserted that the human mind, which rejects all moral norms, is superior to one which recognizes them.  In spiritual terms, this is the very religion of Lucifer: Satanism.

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4 thoughts on “Cultural Marxists attempt to mainstream Psychopathy”

  1. Indeed, from Genesis to Revelations…Psychopathy is defined and sheep are warned of the wolves in sheep’s clothing in the world. Only God will judge as only the Creator comprehends us…The Created and knows the facts of our lives, faith and souls. While that is fact, it’s highly probable the wolves won’t be with God through eternity.

    Not only are Businesspersons Psycho; so are Politicians, Police and Prison Guards. It is possible with Jesus Christ, for adjusted instincts to be directed towards helping people and doing good in the world instead of hurting people and the world. THAT IS POSSIBLE AND ALL WE PRAY AND WORK FOR. You know this, Br. Bugnolo.

  2. In a book entitled The Century Book of Facts. Copyright 1900, it stated that Michael Bakunin of Russia was ” an Aristocrat, a 33degree Mason, a Satanist, and one of the founders of the Communist Party..
    Were Marx,Engels,bothSatanists also ? Guess who was hired by Lincoln to end the Civil War in America? None other than Engels, a Communist. Why ? Answer. To unite America so their aim of world domination could proceed. And so it has!
    Do Penance. Give up something . Its Lent. Read Our Lady of Fatimas prophesy. Rosary. Fast.


    1. Marx was a devout Satanist. He dialogued with him daily and taught his daughters to commit suicide, two of which did so, one with her husband.

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