FRANCE: Macron Govt. teeters on collapse as protests break out across Nation

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5 thoughts on “FRANCE: Macron Govt. teeters on collapse as protests break out across Nation”

  1. Maybe just maybe the French have woken up to the fact that Macron is a pagan puppet serving the demonic globalist/WEF idolatory……?
    Just like senile Biden in the USA, Trudeau in Canada, Sunak in the UK etc etc etc……!!

    1. Only a part of them. It’s subconscious. But what’s sure is that Macron is the most hated president of history. But mass media, even now against Mcron, are still in the global narrative. Black out about covid/injections truth, black out on twitter files, black out on banks collapsing. What’s still on here, is the “save our planet” fear. To reduce water, electricity etc. A new way of locking down.

  2. I do confirm. Chaos has started in France, and police is ready to attack protesters toughly, in an unnormal and agressive way (they attack from the first minute of protest on, before being eventually provoked). That time, there will be deaths and not only grave injuries (like during the yellow vest revolt). (Also because the health of the protesters is not the same anymore). Airports, stations, roads, gas and food providers will be blocked in the few weeks. Whatever tyran Macronescu says tomorrow, it will be wrong. Because he loves the chaos.

    1. Sounds almost like a repeat of the organized/synchronised ‘scamdemic’ tyranny three years ago?!
      Which has never gone away completely……it has just ‘eased off’ in many areas while the demonic/masonic globalists plan to launch their next Propaganda of FEAR, more death-vaxxes and lethal 5G etc……
      Yes, I’m sure that ‘Macronescu’ “loves the chaos”……and so does satan!!

      1. Yes, indeed. Fear works.
        Macronescu today has said “I endorse to be unpopular”.. I understand it as: he is so arrogant and he hates french people so much, so sincerely, that he couldn’t be happy of being liked by them.
        The smell of tyranny is in the air and that, already before covid. Human rights league, rights’ defender are still warning. It can’t go better.
        Something is planned for 2023/24, I feel it. Maybe real war. Global control, bank-phone ID and AI, + WHO coming dictatorship. Macron is there for that. On mission (he told it himself!). When you say that to most of the people, they say you exagerate. Even after the crazy and unpredictable covidranny.

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