USA: SAN FRANCISCO’S Municipal govt. wants to pay $5 million to every slave descendant

Editor’s Note: This is just another cultural marxist way of bankrupting institutions by robbing the funds raised by taxes and moving it to adherents of your political party. Alas, the USA appears increasing near to the end of her days.

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6 thoughts on “USA: SAN FRANCISCO’S Municipal govt. wants to pay $5 million to every slave descendant”

  1. Do descendants of serfs count too?
    Because they lives where far more worse than that of slaves for many generations.
    Then almost every European, accept for the selfproclaimed nobility, qualifies for it.

    1. Or how about the employees of globalist companies, who make 1-10x profit on the $1 wages of their workers?

    2. At some point in history EVERY ethnic group has been slave to another,; conversely, each has also been the owner of others as slaves… San Francisco’s proposition will sink faster than the Lusitania…

  2. This sort of idiotic “do-good-ism’ is why San Francisco, and California ( a state rich in natural resources) is bankrupt. They legalised addictive drugs, then taxed their productive citizens to death, (until they moved to places like Texas). to “re-distribute wealth” to “deserving victim minorities,” which is why the streets of San Francisco are full of trash, health hazards, and peopled with filthy drug addicts in tents.

    It is also why the Northern Californians would like to jettison the Southern half with all the ageing socialist hippies running it.

  3. Are they making the owners of the slave ships or their descendants pay a large % of the reparations? How about the muslim slave traders who sold the slaves and the African tribesmen who captured the slaves for sale at the slave markets? How about the Irish whose ancestors were sold as slaves in America — are they getting reparations?

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