Palestrina: Missa Gabriel Archangelus

Today is the Feast of the Annunciation
of the Archangel Gabriel to the Most Blessed Virgin

As there is no day of the year in which this Great Archangel is so joyful for having been tasked by Almighty God to bear His Message of Divine Mercy to mankind we can do no better than to rejoice with this Great Archangel and pledge to him that from now on we shall be especially loyal to God Most High and devoted to the Most Holy Ever Virgin Mary, Mother of Our God and Savior!

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2 thoughts on “Palestrina: Missa Gabriel Archangelus”

  1. I heard you say that St. Peter was not the first pope and would like to know why. Thanks!

    1. Because Popes are the successors of St. Peter, and Peter was not his own successor.

      However, St. Peter was the first Vicar of Christ, and so are all the juridically valid successors of St. Peter.

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