Here is a work of mercy for Catholics in England to do ….

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5 thoughts on “Here is a work of mercy for Catholics in England to do ….”

  1. I’ve made enquiries amongst friends who live in the diocese and it appears the home is run by nuns and it may be that only the jabbed are allowed to visit. I’m waiting for confirmation as to whether that is true.

  2. No, Brother B, it is not shameful to let a priest live in a nursing home! This one is very fine and run by the Benedictines. Speaking as one who was for about 10 years a 24/7 carer, there comes a time when some people’s conditions become beyond the strength of a carer, and a nursing home is necessary. A bishop has the responsibility for his retired priests; they have insurance, and Both a clergy and a state pension. While these are modest, a priest’s retirement doesn’t depend on “the bishop’s whim.”

    1. If the priest can say mass, what is he doing in a nursing home? As for nursing homes, no, I profoundly disagree with you, since one only has such need when one has no social network of care, and a priest has merited to have such more than most professions.

      1. What do you mean by “social network of care?” Family?
        The extended family is very rare nowadays, and volunteer help is non-existent, especially for overnight care. Most People are time-poor just trying to keep a roof over their heads and their kids fed; most people in their 40’s are struggling to hold down a job, care for their own children, AND their elderly parents– who are living longer than our great grandparents.
        Retired people with the time to volunteer rarely have the physical strength to be carers.
        I know more than one retired priest confined to a wheelchair able to say Mass. but they can’t live unassisted. They are confined to ground floors of 2-story houses, which is problematic if bathrooms are on 2nd floor. Moves to care homes are a last resort when mobility is impaired. Nobody likes to go, or send anyone there; but most Dioceses cannot afford retired priests homes any more.
        Priests have most certainly merited good care, but that’s not to say it’s possible in most cases to give it in the home / rectory setting, with house maintenance expenses, and to pay taxes on their old home. In this age of apostasy, threre are fewer Catholics to contribute to the retired priests fund. We live in an unjust world, that’s just the way it is. We know their true reward is in heaven.

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