4 thoughts on “ITALY: Govt. bans EU approved Bug-flour as ingredient in Pasta or Pizza”

  1. Imagine the Bankers in their Bunkers’ Smoke Rooms slouching over in their Naugahyde Winged Backs giggling, chuckling and projecting their evil onto those they view their ‘HERD’ eating the shiest they believe they are worth. “Protein is Protein” and when laced with AI Nanoparticles…So much the better.

  2. EWWW! I should HOPE! That’s not fit for human consumption! Yhwh God told Noah to eat MEAT, not BUGS! Nursing nutrition taught me humans cannot assimilate certain essential amino acids, necessary for protein building, from plant sources, that we can only get them from animal protein sources, so that instruction made perfect sense to me from a science point of view as well as an instruction from Yhwh God. But nowhere have I seen a “rationalization” even, that makes sense, for eating bugs, many of which are disease carriers!

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