RUSSIAN: Leaked documents show Putin’s Satanic Dream for Ukraine

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One thought on “RUSSIAN: Leaked documents show Putin’s Satanic Dream for Ukraine”

  1. What’s new? THIS is the usual plan of all the Extremist Psycho-Predators on either side of the aisle… MISERY TO CONTROL THE POPULACE WAS THE NORM. Starvation, exposure, injury, disability, sickness and no option about faith…THE USUAL FACTORS CONTROLLING THE MASSES and the reason so many came to America where they could PRAISE GOD AS THEY CHOSE, OWN THEIR OWN LAND to grow their own food and NOT HAVE TO PAY EXORBITANT TAX BEYOND WHAT IS AFFORDABLE TO CARE FOR THE FAMILY. THAT is the ‘American Dream’; not Hollywood or High Falutan Universities, and extreme wealth.

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