International Marxist Collective lauds Vatican denial of a doctrine She never taught


Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As we approach Holy Week, the Mainstream Media, inside and outside the Church, has launched another attack on the truth of history: the claim that the Church has disavowed the ‘doctrine of discovery’.

This doctrine which the Church never taught is named on the basis of a legal interpretation of Papal Bulls from the 15th and 16th century, made by the U. S. Supreme Court, an interpretation used by non Catholic powers to justify their colonial activities.

The historical and demographic proof of this, is that in the colonial areas of the world where Catholic Kingdoms ruled native peoples, these native peoples are nearly entirely intact, demographically speaking, to this day, whereas the contrary is true in Protestant and Masonic nations, who were the only ones who consciously and intentionally practiced genocide of native or Christian peoples.

The anthropological proof is also powerful, since nearly no pre-Columbian culture in the Americas had the concept of ius domini in regards to land property rights. They had instead usufructus, that is, that a land belong to those who used it. The Europeans and natives whenever they were in conflict were contesting these rights, and according to the laws of both cultures, who prevailed in war, obtained them legally. Thus, to say that the Europeans illegally or immorally obtained the property rights of ius domini over native peoples is generally speaking — because one cannot speak of every such acquisition — within what was licit in each legal system. To claim otherwise, is true historical revisionism.

The ideological basis for this recent attack is founded upon the Marxist concept that order and virtue has no rights, and that therefore, Christians most of all have no more rights than others. This application to indigenous culture seems acceptable to most minds, but what really underlies it is the political philosophy of accelerationism, by which order and authority at every level are targets of irrational hate.

As we have seen, the false attribution of crimes of persons during the colonial period has been uniformly and nearly uniquely attributed to the Catholic Church alone, just as the widespread problem of pedophilia is attributed to the Catholic Church alone.

This is an intention effort of globalism to destroy the moral authority of the Church from without, as a parallel effort by those who have utterly failed Christ or who have infiltrated into the halls of power in the Church, to destroy Her from within.

It is absurd on the face of it to blame the Catholic Church for a doctrine invented by the U. S. Supreme Court, but such has been the trend in internet mythology, which has blamed the Catholic Church for Freemasonry via the “Black Nobility” of Venice as well as for the digitalization of debt, by means of Papal Bulls against usury.

The target in all these attacks is the Kingship of Christ the King, which actually grants to Catholics the rights to rule the world, but does not exempt them from the moral law. Just as any ordered society has the right to impose the rule of law over regions which are under anarchy, and just as the Christian inspired civil law is superior to all other law, so Christian Kingdoms had and have the right to dominate their pagan neighbors by establishing civilization. We have done this from the time of the Roman Empire upto the French Revolution, and some Masonic nations have grossly reinterpreted this right as belonging to themselves. But that does not change the truth of history.

Shame on the  Vatican Dicasteries for Culture & Education and for Promoting Human Development, for buying into the revisionist claim. Like last year when Bergoglio and various Bishops claimed responsibility for things Catholic never did in Canada, all this prepares the ground for no true reconciliation, but only a new wave of persecution, because in cultures or political ideologies in which there is no Christian Faith or morals, there is no such thing as repentance, only vendetta. And today’s declaration will be the spark a future waves of such violence at perfectly innocent persons.

Needless to say, these Dicasteries have absolutely no magisterial authority and there is no obligation to pay any attention to what they say, in the matters of faith and morals. They are just another institutional construct of the Vatican II aggiornamento to create doctrinal and moral confusion in the Church, which was its sole goal and fruit. (See the series of videos at OMC Radio TV about this here.)

The economic agenda here is to establish a legal basis for globalists to herd peoples into cities while stealing the property rights of farmers and country dwellers in the name of the ‘common good’. The Globalists in fact have not a drop of concern for human rights of indigenous peoples, just as many of their own leaders showed no competency in protecting them, when both attempted to force nearly all of them to take the DeathVaxx and pursue totally unscientific responses to a fake pandemic waged 24/7 for nearly 3 years by state sponsored terrorism.

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3 thoughts on “International Marxist Collective lauds Vatican denial of a doctrine She never taught”

  1. Blaming the churches at all for Freemasons is a bit of a stretch. As they are currently known, they go back to the 18th century, but mason guilds (akin to modern unions) go back to at least the times of the pyramid builders, and were well known during the castle and cathedral building era, developing those secret rites.
    As for the colonialism, how is it that those decrying it MISS the empire builders of antiquity: the Chinese, Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, and Greeks, among others lesser known, who also practiced “colonialism”? It’s not, as they would DEARLY love to claim, something white Christians dreamed up just a few centuries ago. Neither was pedophilia. Those are nearly as ancient as humanity itself,. The only “sin” here is that churches allowed those evils to enter their doors and hearts too, after having learned better.

    1. The masonic lodge has nothing to do with masons, but that is their mythical narrative.

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