EU Parliament at Brussels shows Blasphemous Gay Jesus and Sado-Masachistic Twelve Movie

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VATICAN: Former Head of Vatican Police ridicules, but does not deny JP2 went out at night

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The accusation made by the brother of Emmanuela Orlandi, the 15 year old girl who disappeared during the pontificate of Pope John Paul II — an accusation (that John Paul II went out at night, and “not to bless homes”) made on national television in Italy, at the beginning of April — has spurred the Vatican in recent days to move to squash the report. In this article, Commandant Gian Domenico Gianni, former head of the Vatican Gendarmeria (Vatican Police) ridicules the accusation, but does not expressly deny it, saying only, that, if the Pope goes out, he who should know, knows he did. — Such a denial is devastating as a response, since Gianni should know whether he did or not, and should have expressly denied that he never knew or came to know of such an eventuality during his years of service.  — But he could not, since he did not begin to serve at the Vatican until 1999, but Emmanuela disappeared in 1983. So why he is even speaking is a mystery. He graduated University with a degree in childhood education and socio-pyschology, and then worked in the Italian Finance Police (Guardia Finanza) and the Italian Secret Services.

The Banda of the Magliana, accused of having some role in her disappearance, was found out years later to have used a rare form of ammunition in their assassinations, ammunition all of which was destroyed, except in a vault in the basement of the Italian Secret Police. Thus, that John Paul II should hire such a figure as Gianni to be head of his Police at the Vatican City is strange at the very least, and certainly raises suspicion about his integrity in wanting to solve the mystery.

The brother of Emmanuela, by making such claims, seems to be implying that Pope John Paul II was a pedophile, and that Emmanuela died during rape. This seems as outrageous as horrid. But it is a know fact that the worst pedophiles were all promoted by Pope John Paul II to be bishops and /or cardinals, so this horrid accusation may have something to do with the truth.

Indeed, the Vatican has been accused of obstructing for nearly 35 years, the investigation of the disappearance of this innocent girl. Why?

It is not unreasonable to suppose, that this obstruction is because either the perpetrator had a lot of political influence at the Vatican, or the perpetrator held a very high office at the Vatican.

However, the brother of Emmanuela is not making up his accusations, but is refering to publish reports, which CONFIRM THAT JOHN PAUL II went out at night by himself, a report from 1983, just two years before her disappearance:

So why has the Vatican brought forth Gianni to deny that the Pope went out, when it is a published fact that he did? It certainly makes the Vatican appear to believe that he did go out, and not for entirely honest reasons. — This adds to the fact that many good priests find disgusting that while a priest, John Paul II wrote a book, entitled, “Love and Responsibility”, which was excessively graphic about human sexuality.

Is this all simply a bruh-ha-ha based on guilty by association, where by an honest man is maligned because he had many corrupt colleagues, friends, or associates? May be. But in the question of pedophilia, such associations cannot be simply dismissed if one wants to understand and map out how such networks came to be.

However, this report above, from Vatican News Service, contains a fact which has not been previously reported, as far as I know, in English, namely, that Emmanuela was a citizen of the Vatican City State. — For more on her disappearance, see the show AJ and I did at OMC Radio TV, a little over 2 years ago, where we raised the question of personal responsibility of John Paul II, at least, in obstructing the investigation.

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