Br. Bugnolo speaks on the 3 Supernatural States of Mind

In this video, shot from Maidan Square, Kyiv, Ukraine, in May, 2022, Br. Bugnolo explains what a supernatural state of mind is, how there are three of them, how they make the human person beautiful, and how God wants us all to have them.

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10 thoughts on “Br. Bugnolo speaks on the 3 Supernatural States of Mind”

  1. Grazie, Frà Alexis. Fede, Speranza e Carità glorificano l’essere umano. Bellisssimo. Lode e Gloria a NSGC.

  2. Fra Alexis, se le è possibile potreste fare gli articoli anche solo con scritto, in inglese, per aver possibilità di poterlo poi tradurre o se può fare anche questa catechesi in lingua italiana se può…La seguo ma non sono per nulla brava in inglese purtroppo…la ringrazio se mi potrebbe aiutare a capire cosa ha detto nel video…Le chiedo scusa e grazie ugualmente…Pace 🙏🏻

    1. Per i video, non scrivo il testo prima che li faccio, quindi… non ho il testo.

      1. Capisco, certo… io purtroppo non parlo inglese…pazienza…seguirò i suoi articoli in cui è possibile tradurre in italiano …Grazie lo stesso 🙏🏻

  3. Thank you Br. Alexis for reposting this video to remind us we should seek these beautiful gifts from God. God bless you!

  4. Thank you Brother Bugnolo. I used to listen you at the begining of the pandemic then I kind of lost you. I just saw you on FB with Polish translation and it reminded me about you…… We live at end of time ….

  5. Your authentic passion towards our Lord Jesus is apparent…And, it’s fantastic good news in these times and all times. Thank-you for re-broadcasting this video…As it forms the tapestry of the inner world of faith allowing faith to exist and grow. This is the most profoundly important bit of knowledge providing wondrous comfort and peace in the face of challenges presented in life. Sometimes, it’s necessary to stop and remember to ponder these gifts of God to grow when confronting enmity, betrayal and scandal as the world knows right now.

  6. Your Indian Gentleman Helper your ‘Good Samaritan’ brought a nice little giggle to rise up inside of me…And, it’s incredible when suddenly experiencing, speaking or doing something without thinking as the EXACT CORRECT THING OF THE MOMENT and KNOWING THE WORDS AND ACT TO NOT ORIGINATE WITH OURSELVES…Truly awesome how many times in careers, as daughter, wife, parent, sister and Grandmother and even strangers when this just happens. REALLY, thanks for this little talk…It brought such joy to remember some of the times when faith was so present and known to the core and to hear the times others experience the same. WE TRULY ARE UNITED IN FAITH BY THE ONE TRUE GOD AND IT’S OVERWHELMING IN THE MYSTERY AND MAGIC OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.

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