What happens when Catholics attend Mass, but not to worship God

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11 thoughts on “What happens when Catholics attend Mass, but not to worship God”

  1. I can’t speak to what sounds like the Catholic version of what I have noted and has disturbed me over years at various Christian churches. I don’t want to question the faith or motives of others who attend the services… that’s between them and God.

    But I can’t help but notice when so many church services seem to be more about entertainment, performance, and socializing than about worshipping God. The “praise and worship” segments often look and sound like a rock concert or something out of Las Vegas (I found myself wondering when the showgirls were going to emerge).

    I guess there’s a psychology behind all that to bring people into a church and keep them coming back. But that shouldn’t have to be what draws us. And the still, small voice I most want to hear can be drowned out by all that noise.

    1. “We gather together to worship each other …”

      I think soon that hymn will be heard in every church worldwide.

  2. Indeed. Problems that simply do not exist in relation to the Vetus Ordo. Protestant habits breed rebellious or at least thoughtless attitudes. When the holy is truly The Holy and sacredness is manifest to and in all five senses, the rest follows. At least it does so in England and France in my experience.

  3. Wanneer zijn reactie op de Duitse en Belgische bisschoppen in verband met de Synode der Synodaliteit?

  4. When we were attending a NO parish, I witnessed ALL of this APPALLING behavior regularly. Every week upon leaving Mass I was on a rant about the irreverence.

    Then, we came upon a TLM only parish. Truthfully most of this behavior NEVER occurs (cell phones, inappropriate dress, etc)
    There are some who are arriving late and distracted with their children. Overall, though, the MAJORITY are behaving properly.

    It does seem obvious that the watered down lack of reverence of the NO Mass itself has cultivated this behavior to start with.

  5. The Nashville shooter 5 days ago called her friend and told her that she knew she was going to die that day, but that she would see her someday in a better place. Minutes later, she killed 3 children and 3 adults. She went to Christian schools through high school. I can’t wrap my head around her thinking.

  6. Parent handing out some food to children, who then eat on the front pew just before Mass. Yes, I have seen that. I tell myself perhaps they have a diabetes. I believe God is permitting a situation, which is going to fix all this soon and reverence will return. Here is why – for over two years I have been looking for a can of food with a best before date after 2025. Same suppliers never beyond 2025.

  7. We must pray to thank God for the gift and blessing of our fine, FAITHFUL PRIESTS in their suffering the irreverence of many towards the Sacrifice of the Mass…In it’s worship of our Lord Jesus Christ. In this time when nothing is seen and acted towards as though sacred; we MUST COUNT OUR BLESSINGS.

    There are many FINE, FAITHFUL Priests cancelled for practicing their vocation as an instrument of the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ leading souls to him…And, THAT HAS TO BE THE MOST EPIC SUFFERING FOR A FAITHFUL PRIEST THAT THERE IS.

    We are promised the the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ to not be overcome until he comes again and in this there is hope and faith. For all the fine, faithful Priests suffering the indignity of this current age of lack of self-respect, self-control, manners, reverence…At least you’re allowed your vocation…Thank God for the covering of protection from the Holy Spirit providing this blessing to continue in your life. Who knows what seeds of faith you’re planting which may not take root for many years…But, at least you’re doing the job God desires. In the end, it’s about God and fulfilling the job according to Him and Him alone. Those refusing to hold the Mass sacred; or worship of Jesus…We must trust God’s plan for them.

    May the most precious blood of our Lord Jesus Christ save us and the whole world. Amen.

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