Former Google CEO warns about A.I.’s threat to civil liberties

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One thought on “Former Google CEO warns about A.I.’s threat to civil liberties”

  1. Govt. is Mafia…As are the Bankers/Scientists/Academics…Pretty much EVERYBODY BUCKING FOR POWER having no Faith in God and greedy in Idolatry of delusions of believing ‘self’ to be God. WHAT IN THE WORLD CAN BE EXPECTED FROM SUCH MAFIA GARBAGRE THERE IS NOT ENOUGH GOOD IN THE WORLD TO TAKE OUT? The only answer is Jesus and this person wastes time informing and in supplication to the masses about anything as the Politicians are OWNED AND WON’T DO ANYTHING ACCORDING TO RIGHT, ETHICS, MORALS…Just evil. Even should a Politicians TRY TO DO AS RIGHT, ETHICAL, MORAL…Well, JFK and RFK is a prime example of exactly what the International Mafia Cult will do; if not Trump’s persecution/prosecution. NO PERSON IS PERFECT; but at this time evil is so profoundly in CONTROL…This news is simply to TERRIFY THE MASSES just as the rest of the CRISES they perpetrate. BELIEVE IN NOTHING GOOD POSSIBLE TO COME FROM HUMANS.

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