USA: Cattleman’s Association warns about push to mRNA Vaxx all commercial meat

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3 thoughts on “USA: Cattleman’s Association warns about push to mRNA Vaxx all commercial meat”

  1. There are any number of phenomenal farmer/ranchers in virtually all local rural neighborhoods of the United States producing Grade AAA Beef, Pork, Chicken/Poultry. The problem lies in it being ILLEGAL to advertise/market/sell Top Quality Grass Fed Meat/Organic Meats produced in the U.S. without FDA Approval/Certification while the Certification Process has changed to allow FOREIGN PRODUCED IN-ORGANIC MEATS to now be classified USDA which also includes having NO KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT HAS BEEN INJECTED INTO ANY GIVEN ANIMAL WHILE RAISED.
    It’s wise to simply take a drive to the countryside and find a small town to learn of farmers in the region growing foods of all kinds. THIS IS ALLOWED; but in purchase of the actual animal made into meat…There must be planning for sharing the animal (most people don’t consume a whole cow) and schedules for processing at slaughterhouses and packers, etc. THIS IS THE MOST ADVANTAGEOUS WAY TO PURCHASE FOOD. There are many of us out here raising the numbers of our herds to provide for a market growing more questionable by the week .

    1. Excellent advice. May God bless you and all the wonderful farmers, ranchers and producers feeding us with natural healthy food.

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