Dr. Mihalcea: Commercial Meat has been found to contain Nanotech

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2 thoughts on “Dr. Mihalcea: Commercial Meat has been found to contain Nanotech”

  1. Brother, what do we do? Should we give up beef and pork? What about chicken? Do you know of any clean sources?

    1. I think Dr. Mihalcea has to prove her case, as she did not tell us in which country or which type of meat or the source. Also, since nanotech cannot be seen by the human eye, she has to prove her lab was clean enough to do proper testing and that she has not contaminate the samples.

      The best way is to buy directly from a farmer in the country side, who slaughters his own animals. I think you are safe there. The cost of vaxxing an animal is so high, I strongly doubt this is a real threat in most parts of the world.

      I am continuing to eat store bought meat, until there is more info.

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