A view of the coming AI Revolution, from a Programming Specialist

Editor’s Note: At present, the persons working for the coming of the Antichrist mostly do not tell you who they are. But they are beginning to use signs and signals to connect with others. That is why, though this article is slightly technical, it merits reading by all the adopted sons of God.

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14 thoughts on “A view of the coming AI Revolution, from a Programming Specialist”

  1. It’s a weird article. It says that we should get ahead of the curve and use or develop AI before others do so that we are a value to them and are better adapted to the future economy.

    Did I miss something? I thought AI was dangerous given the current moral environment we live in.

    1. I think the author of the article is a Satanist, because of the art chosen to illustrate his article, and so I do not take him as being entirely sincere, that is, I do not think he thinks as we do, that it is a threat to human liberty. I posted the article, not because I agree with it, but because I think it is valuable to see what kind of people think it is a great step forward.

  2. The pictures in that blog are horribly creepy. I can see what you’re saying about the author.

    Also, Brother, what makes you think AI is linked to demons? So far it has just seemed to me to be interesting tech.

    1. Because as the Saints and moral theologians teach, when one puts more importance in anything that it deserves, one falls into the sin of superstition. And superstition leads to idolatry, which leads to diabolic influence, obsession, possession and control.

      1. That makes sense. Would it be possible for people to use AI without this superstition? Without giving it undue importance?

      2. It is irrational and unreasonable to rely on something which is not based on truth, but only on cut and paste word associations by some sort of mindless algorithm.

      3. Yes, even Elon Musk said in an interview that the AI is a demon and that we could not beat it. The only way, he said, for us to beat it was if we joined with it.
        God bless in Jesus name

      4. Elon Musk on this score is nuts. AI is a superstition at the least, an abomination at the most, because God gave us an intellect and to rely on any other artificial intelligence is both insane and the worse idolatry. The masons have gone mad, because in rejecting God as their lord, they now seek a dead thing as their lord.

  3. Here’s a short commentary from voxday about chatgpt. The article he quotes says the following
    “Today’s AI chatbots work by drawing on vast pools of online content, often scraped from sources such as Wikipedia and Reddit, to stitch together plausible-sounding responses to almost any question. They’re trained to identify patterns of words and ideas to stay on topic as they generate sentences, paragraphs and even whole essays that may resemble material published online.

    These bots can dazzle when they produce a topical sonnet, explain an advanced physics concept or generate an engaging lesson plan for teaching fifth-graders astronomy. But just because they’re good at predicting which words are likely to appear together doesn’t mean the resulting sentences are always true; the Princeton University computer science professor Arvind Narayanan has called ChatGPT a “bulls— generator.” While their responses often sound authoritative, the models lack reliable mechanisms for verifying the things they say.”

    This is literally nothing new. It’s the same old Garbage In Garbage Out routine that has always afflicted computers.


    If this is the case, then it is not really that dangerous. But this does not mean AI will not be dangerous in the future.

  4. AI, New Age of Terror, & Let Us Go To The Saints, When Preachers Fall Silent

    Ignore, shun, boycott the ‘hype’.
    1 Peter 5:8
1 Thessalonians 5:21

    Also, think on the ‘search’ results on ‘anathema’ @ drbo.org

    and Luke 2:19, Luke 2:51

    Computers, and computors work as ‘designed’, as ‘programmed’, as ‘controlled’, as ‘conditioned’, as ‘manipulated’, as ‘driven’, as ‘directed’, as ‘piloted’, as ‘guided’, as ‘handled’, as ‘exploited’ by their ‘creators’.

    Reserve, preserve, conserve the word ‘create’ to and for God AlOne, AllOne, AllWhOne.

    The Devil is a Liar and Murderer from the Beginning. He has (NDI) – No Data Integrity. Hacking occurs because ‘back doors’, ‘rear windows’, ‘plugins’, and ‘transparent sensors’ are built in together with intentional and unintentional ‘bugs’ into the hardware, into the firmware, into the software, into the ‘free’ features, apps, cookies, capabilities, whistles and bells and lights.

    To paraphrase St. Anthony of Padua,
    “I don’t need you, (retorting to Satan, his Temptor), to go to Hell.”
    The Kiss Principle, has 5 Ss, Kis⁵: simple, straight, square, same, sacred.
    Why? Jesus, the same…

    The errors Russia is spreading on the World are the same errors imposed on her by the would be Rulers of the World, Satanists, especially followers of the Fallen Virtues.

    Enough of devout catholics like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom, et al. They are devout universalists, (catholics), globalists, members of the International Community, the Commintern, the WEF, the WEFEW, the WE FEW, the WE F EW. You will own nothing, and you will be happy, they say. They take our Lives, our Liberties, our Pursuit of Happiness, our Fortunes, our Honor, and have us Happy to volunteer to be volunteered to be mislead and follow Demoncrats instead of following Christ’s Will, Word, Work, Way, all the Way. By their deeds…

    The word ‘create’ is abused, ill used, misused, malused 19x too many in the refd article.

    The Crux and Heart of the Matter is Data Integrity. The Natural, Preternatural, Supernatural Data Given. Credit is to be given, where credit is due. God commands, demands honest weights and measures.

    The 3:42:35 The Minds of Men, Truthstream Media , begins with the Opening Address of the ‘Founding’ of the UN in 1945 at San Francisco, stating that the US AND the Soviet Union are the chief advocates(?) of the New International (World) Order.
    So Germany attacked Poland from the West, Russia ( the USSR, the Soviet Union) attacked Poland from the East
    and Stalin could do no wrong while Hitler could do nothing but evil? And Pearl Harbor was a Surprise?


    If you can stomach it, The Minds of Men, watch it.
    If you can stomach it, The Gulag Archipelago, (3 vols), by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, read it.
    At least read his Live Not by Lies.

    If you can stomach it, read No God Next Door, Blood Drenched Altars, Mexican Martyrdom. The 1st was suppressed by the Higherarchs in the Hierarchies, secular & ecclesiastical.
    What was imposed on Russia, on Mexico, on China, on Eastern Europe, is being imposed on the USSRofA.

    The UN is headquartered on international territory in New York City, and has other main offices in Geneva, Nairobi, Vienna, and The Hague (home to the International Court of Justice).

    We are in the last decade of the 100yrs for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The Chastisement, the Reign of Terror, will eliminate 2/3 to 3/4 of Humanity.

    Do as the Immaculate asked us to do at Fatima, Portugal; and at other apparitions. Pray and Meditate on the Mysteries of the Rosary, imitate what they contain, and obtain what they promise.

  5. Br. Alexis…How is it this reeks of Agnosticism? The utility is manifest PROGRAMING based in whatever is contained within any given human soul…Not innate intellect. Reads as erroneous and delusional placing human endeavor in Science, if not Science itself, to be actual God.

    So twisted and bizarre. Art is repugnant…
    Though the practices of the agnostics are commonly known; never dreamed the reality of the extremes Agnosticism could reach.

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