AJ & Br. Bugnolo meet for 1st time to celebrate 6th Anniversary of Ordo Militaris Inc.


Editor’s Note: One of the needs of the Order which would really help it to grow, would be the donation of a farm property in the USA in one of the states which allow military training (with generous gun laws). In such a place, we could not only train men and recruits, but run various operations to support the expenses of the Order. If you live in the USA and would like to donate a property or allow the free or charitable use, please contact me at 1 (406) 299-9260. AJ and I found that it is so much easier to work, when we are in the same place. We have been doing everything over the phone for 6 years from hundreds to thousands of miles apart.

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10 thoughts on “AJ & Br. Bugnolo meet for 1st time to celebrate 6th Anniversary of Ordo Militaris Inc.”

  1. Yayyy!!!! So wonderful to see the two of you together! And a thank you for all the good work you have done thus far. You make a great team! God bless.

  2. Was thrilled to get on fromrome.info and seeing you two together and to learn it is for the first time! WOW!!!! Thank you for all you do!

  3. P.S. GREAT MESSAGE!!!! Thank you so much for laying all that out. Very inspiring, and very clear. Thank you doesn’t even cover it!!!!!

  4. Great to see you together at last!
    Thanks for the positive & powerful message[s].
    I hope & pray that a USA resident responds generously to your heartfelt request.
    There is a sublime sense of peace & tranquility throughout your video, embellished considerably by a lovely chorus of chirping/chirruping birds in the background!
    Maybe you could identify some of them for us?
    Pax vobiscum.

    1. Crows, red chested Robbins, Kansas meddlelarks and a few others. We also have an owl who did his talking later that day.

      1. Thanks – certainly a different chorus to those I am familiar with here in southern England! Very occasionally, we also hear an owl and see buzzards but the variety and numeracy of our feathered friends has diminished over the last two decades, sadly.

  5. A wonderful occasion.
    (This may not be the same for everyone, but the April appeal link goes to a paypal page with a message that the url doesn’t exist. )

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