X Corp has sold out to the worst of the Globalists


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7 thoughts on “X Corp has sold out to the worst of the Globalists”

  1. Must apologize…Are you implying the WHO and CDC is a company in itself? What is the primary idea you’re trying to impart here? Am LOST.

    1. There is a billionaire who is the major donor to the WHO and CDC. Guess his name. I will be that he is now Elon’s partner.

    2. It seems like a company because they are establishing corporations across all countries, east and west. They also paid politicians to pass laws to protect their profit ( forced vaccinations ) and to deem as criminals those who reject it ( tagged as terrorists ). This is part of the blue room agenda that happened this March.

    1. Elon Musk founded 3 new companies, with variations of the name X. One merged with twitter and ended its name. Another got $13 billion in financing. And the third is the parent company of the other two.

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