How Modernists weaponize abusers to take down Catholic institutions?

Editor’s Note: This report is one which causes many questions to rise in the mind, of those who really what to know what is going on in the Church. There are numerous sound and devout clergy who are removed from formation programs, while during the same decades Bishops moved known abusers into formation programs, whether their own seminaries, pontifical institutions or private schools. I personally do not think it is mere recklessness.

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4 thoughts on “How Modernists weaponize abusers to take down Catholic institutions?”

  1. Archbishop Chaput was there at that time and we were driving from New Jersey to attend his Masses at the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul. Is it possible that he didn’t know? The newspapers at that time were printing articles every day about court cases for pedophile priests. Archbishop Chaput was there to clean up, I thought.

    1. The Bishops know a lot more about their dioceses than we can imagine. And if happened on his watch, he must answer for it, even if his subordinates hid the matter from him.

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