Archbishop Paglia rightly criticized for approving of Euthanasia

Editor’s Note: Here is a case where it would be a virtue to call your Bishop and/or favorite Cardinal, and demand that this man be forced to resign and be defrocked, if not excommunicated, for the grave scandal and error he has given.

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3 thoughts on “Archbishop Paglia rightly criticized for approving of Euthanasia”

  1. Thank you. Is the Pontifical Academy for Life group/staff also supporting Archbishop Paglia’s side for killing the elderly?

    If so, I might also include them in the list for trying to kill the innocent.

    1. The Pontifical Academy has no magisterial authority but a lot of influence so as to cause scandal. Paglia was promoted before the death of Pope Benedict, every time he caused scandal. What will happen to him, will be a sign of the direction of this papacy. And I think that Pope Francis will publicly correct him or remove him, as the outrage among the hierarchy is now overwhelming.

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