2 thoughts on “Back in Italy, Br. Bugnolo speaks with AJ about what Catholics must do in 2023”

  1. Ave et salvete de villa mea!

    A most profound commentary on the Masonic power projection using a continuation of the Praetor / Praesidium – quis annunciat quid est veritas?

  2. Thank you, Brother, I am considering carefully what to do in my own country about all this.

    I am past caring about the globalists’ plan to kill me. Gotta die eventually, anyway. BUT I really DO want to do the right thing, to please God.

    Also, Brother, I can’t remember where I found the following ideas, but I wrote the following notes one day:


    Gehenna: boundary between Judah and Benjamin
    (Gai Ben Hinnom)

    Where King (Ahaz?) made his (grand)children to pass through fire (ie sacrificed them to Baal/Moloch)

    The land was cursed

    Gehenna used by JESUS to describe hell

    Today satanists sacrifice children (adrenochrome etc)

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