SNEAKO says he has returned to being Muslim, after converting to Catholicism

Editor’s Note: There is a reason why doctrinal catechetical training is a prerequisite for baptism. This guy obviously missed the classes.

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7 thoughts on “SNEAKO says he has returned to being Muslim, after converting to Catholicism”

  1. Even if one takes all the catechetical classes, —
    –there’s 🤥 “Taqqya”. 🤥

  2. These days the difference is only in the doctrine. The problem is Catholic doctrine is seldom practiced in the Catholic Church and of course, it is neither practiced in Islam. O tempora, O mores!

  3. Islam is a red herring.
    How can you believe (in) a horrible person, like Muhammed?

    1. Created as a stick to best Catholics by those survivors kicked out of Jerusalem in 70AD. Taqqiya is just one of many “Islamic” concepts found in more hair-raising form in the Talmud.

  4. Did this guy really convert to the faith and then go ‘back’ to Islam? I suspect he’s just a really badly catechized and not actually practicing Catholic who now became a Muslim because Andrew Tate became one and being a Muslim is increasing in its “coolness stock”.

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