6 thoughts on “How English translations of the New and Old Mass have robbed you of your spiritual inheritance”

  1. Thank you so much for this important – CAPITAL – topic !
    I would like to add that to do liturgical translations not only requires excellent knowledge of systematic theology and liturgy, of both the source language (Latin) and the target language, and of linguistics, but also of the specific translation TECHNIQUES and METHODS !
    Translation is a profession that normally requires at least four years of study to get a degree.
    For those interested, have a look at this article:

  2. Et cum spiritu tuo never has meant, does not mean, never will mean, and also with you.

    Enough to be a native speaker of a Romance language – French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish – even English, to know that.

    The Italians have an apt saying: Tradidore, traditore.

  3. Highly edifying and informative. My Father Lasance translation from the 1940’s emerges quite well in comparison to the 1960 translation of the TLM you guys referenced.

    Thank you so much for this valuable exegesis, more please. For someone such as myself who, though my participation in your seminars on St Bonaventure’s Commentaries ended prematurely, has seen at least a glimpse of your erudition in ecclesiastical Latin first hand, this is a huge credibility booster in regards to your diligent work culminating in the Assembly of 30 January 2023. I will be sharing this video with those whom I believe are open minded enough to actually want to discern Truth Himself. Barnhardt is light years out of touch in comparison and appears to lack the humility to comprehend true learning when it is available to her.

    Well done, faithful (household) servant.

  4. >> Assembly of 30 January 2023.

    To the faithful, the miracles themselves are proof that it is God’s Will.

    As Jesus said: “My sheep hear my voice … I know them and they follow Me.”

  5. Dear Brother Bugnolo,

    Your video titled “The Dangers When Priests Offer The Mass Badly” jogs my memory ….. (not published as requested)

    1. Join one of the 15 Byzantine Rite Catholic Churches, whose liturgies are extremely beautiful. The Greek Catholic is at Albano, among the monks, and the others are found in the larger cities of Europe. This will bring back memories of your childhood.

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