How the Globalists are upending the world-wide resistance to the Great Reset

Editor’s Note: This is my April 29, 2023 A. D. update to my previous video of January 14, 2022 A. D., entitled, How Skull & Bones plans to co-opt world-wide resistance to the Scamdemic, which itself was a second installment on, “Beware as Skull & Bones Pivots“, by which I foretold a week beforehand how the Covid Narrative would be dumped. — I have made today’s video in suchwise that you may be able to upload it to BigTech Media platforms, so feel free to do so, as I release the intellectual rights I have over it, for such uses: though I urge you to do so under a non-paid anonymous account, because of what I say in it.

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27 thoughts on “How the Globalists are upending the world-wide resistance to the Great Reset”

  1. Gosh, you’re so correct and it’s a sad situation…And, I’ve already responded to this today. Analogy of the situation mirroring ‘Domestic Violence Relationship’ with a ‘wife-beater’s finagling to allow contact with his wife so he can murder her the next time…Is RIGHT ON TARGET. YES, THEY ARE ANGRY ABOUT NOT MURDERING AS MANY AS THEY WISHED IN THE PREMEDITATED MASS GENOCIDE.

    THE PEOPLE MUST PROTEST YET AGAIN. The only correct response is to pursue, indict and TRY these TREASONOUS CRIMINALS AGAINST HUMANITY. There must be accountability, loss of all family wealth and punishment with EXECUTION TO REMOVE THE EVIL FROM THE PLANET.
    Sometimes, I swear people really are ‘dumb herd animals’ having no courage to STAND AND FIGHT BACK. The lethargy, denial, easily-distracted are about driving me insane.

    MUST OPPOSE ESPECIALLY, THEIR SPIRITUAL PLAN WITH ALL THE FILTH, CONFUSION, DELUSIONS, SEXUAL PERVERSTION INCLUSIVE OF LEGALIZED CHILD MOLESTATION/MUTILATION…My Gosh, they’re heinous, repugnant and it’s becoming more difficult to hate the sin without hating the sinner. Do not understand anybody…Just walking around as though nothing is threatening us.

    Agree with you about Musk…ABSOLUTELY, in every way.
    Elon isn’t the only one censoring…Children’s Health Defense is censoring as well. RFK Jr. claims to oppose censorship…Yet, censored more and more as time arrived to announce Candidacy to run for Presidency. Behaving as the Jews shuffling into the Gas Chambers and it MAKES NO SENSE IN ANY WAY AT ALL TO ANY OF US HERE IN THIS RURAL AREA WHERE EVERYBODY IS PLANNING AND READY TO FIGHT THOSE PLANNING TO COME AND TAKE OUR LIVES, FARMS AND FAMILIES AS WELL AS GOD. THEY are trying and will try more; and they will fail.

  2. Outstanding, and I completely agree. Your trip home has evidently recharged your batteries ready for the next phase of the fight for our lives.

    I continue to filter and extract the most potent and effective truthtelling. In addition to FromRome these are:

    Bailiwick News

    Dr DeepState

    Vendee Radio

    Windows on the World

  3. I remember that guy from AU that escaped the country because he is very thin, has half an arm on one side, and is old, but loves his freedom. He is secular, but his common sense and staunch defense against this scam is astounding when I watched him from a link here in FromRome. I know for sure he is now living in an area with very low low visibility from technology.

  4. It is way past the time of forming political parties. We the People need to take back our country and return to a Constitutional Republic. This group helps you to do so in a step-by-step manner. I am no longer a U.S. citizen, but an American State National as of April 25, the feast of St. Mark.

    God bless!

    P.S. this group is not Catholic, but, as you said, we need to network with others to defend ourselves against the Globalist agenda.

  5. if you do a video for Hindus addressing all the deeper aspects that would be easy to spread. Hinduism has a lot of common ground with nature and its various spirits. Agni (fire), Indra (rain), shiva (knowledge), krishna(courage), Ram(virtues/values), Durga/Parvati (Nature itself), Ganesha (wisdom/luck), Lakshmi (Mineral wealth) etc.

    1. There is only one God, one Incarnation of God, and one true religion, that of Jesus Christ, who is God Incarnate. — And I pray you come to know Him.

      1. Hindus have a one God concept too, it is not just one stream of belief. Well i was only looking for common grounds for collaboration and spreading your message based on your suggestions in the video about nature.

      2. I understand. But Nature as a manifestation of the divinity, and Nature as a creation by the One God who is distinct from and apart from and infinitely transcendant above Nature, presents two very different theologies on how to approach the Great Reset. Because if Nature is only a manifestation, then transhumanistic man is a greater manifestation. But if Nature is a creation by the One unchanging Infinite God who has already applied His infinite wisdom in its making and ordering, then transhumanism is an abomination. This is the practical advantage of Monotheism, which is not pantheistic.

  6. ” Nature as a manifestation of the divinity” – Hindus see nature/elements of nature as a conscious creation by an god/goddess existing in higher dimension which can simultaneously incarnate in lower dimensions in human form or any form separate from its creation. That creation is perfect because the entity creating it is operating at the highest/higher level of creation than humans.

    Also if you go through history of these gods it is apparent that they did not just cast out demons but actually slayed them, ended their existence.

    It is also interesting that one of these deities is worshiped at CERN. Shiva is the god of destruction to whom the enemies/cabal are praying to for our destruction and their protection from destruction.

    The list of demons slayed by Shiva are many and their powers far greater than Satan. Killing Satan for Shiva would be like using a canon to kill a mosquito.

    The cabal is much older than Christianity and so is Hinduism. They also worship the same God. Jesus with his limited miracles of casting out demons would be okay for some applications but for taking out the cabal you will need Shiva or Kali the God and Goddess cabal worships.

    1. How can you be sure that your gods and divinities are not fallen angels? This is a serious question.

      1. Fallen angels were/are anti human beings, as were the demons slayed by Shiva Durga etc. All stories attest to that. Actions speak for themselves.

      2. Angels are pure spirits, incorporeal. When they fell, they were punished for their moral rebellion, but their natures did not change, only the direction of their wills changed.

      3. Because the Angels of God who merited by their obedience to be glorified by seeing Him face to face, contemplate for ever the perfection of every Goodness, Truth and Beauty, and thus abhort all disorder and ugliness. Thus, if anyone who worships a “god” depicted through the grotesque or animal, it is clear he is not inspired by the Angels of God, but by the angels who fell and were transformed into demons, whose minds are turned forever away from the perfection of Order and Justice.

  7. Fallen angels are not the Hindu gods and goddesses. That is not how they are viewed in Hinduism.

    Separately, the view that it is only about good is a naive view of God and angels. God is responsible for his entire creation, the good and the bad. Shiva and all the rest of gods and goddesses grant boons to anyone in this creation based on the merit earned through austerities and penances or meditation on him. Demons can worship him too and gain boons from him, after all God is the creator of all and destroyer of anyone that merits destruction.

    This is why Shiva is worshiped by the cabal for nefarious purposes and for the good by the Hindus. He grants to both.

    1. In the Christian Faith, Angels being pure spirits are not capable of variable intentions. Each one chose once all that he chose, and he chose it forever. so from the instant of their creation they choose infinite good or infinite evil, there is no middle ground. If man imagines Gods who are variable likehimself, then it is clear that his imagination is their origin, not the Divinity. And this is proven by the fact that just as the human imagination varies in times and places and cultures, so the idols of the nations are numerous and varied and quite imaginative. But the true God is beyond all human imagining, only the reason itself, contemplating the order in creation can discern that there must be One Eternal Omnipotent. Beyond that God must intervene in History to reveal Himself, and He did that in its fulness when He became man, Jesus Christ.

  8. Intentions don’t change i agree if a god is showing the path of righteousness he will continue to demonstrate that. If a demon is working on the evil side he will continue to ask for boons in a way which will further his agenda such as a weapon etc.. a human might ask for changing his luck or lifespan etc.

    i don’t see where you saw them as variable?

    No it has nothing to do with imagination except maybe fallen angels i suspect are figments of imagination since they are entirely incorporeal.

    what miracles did Jesus do which makes you say he is omnipotent? casting out demons and heal the sick, maybe walk on water? wine out of water? anything else?

    1. Jesus demonstrated His Omnipotence, by causing a few loaves of bread and a few dried fish to multiply into thousands so as to satiate a crowd of 5 thousand men. He did this on 2-3 occasions, and such as the marvel of the crowds, that the wanted to make Him King. He rose from the Dead and was seen by 500 witnesses, and good number of which saw Him ascend into Heaven. He blessed water and turned it into wine. He restored the sight, hearing. health of the sick instantly by blessing them. No one but the author of creation can do such things.

      As for the incorporeal and the corporeal, these are two different aspects of being. For spirits have no corporeal nature and are not composed of any elements, atoms or particles. They have no parts, and cannot lose any part. They are immortal, single purely intelligent beings. They are like God, but have infinitely lesser and limited powers. Demons too are spirits. None of these have bodies. Though some by their power and permission of God can appear to have a body or make it appear that they have a body, to communicate to men.

  9. I’m not looking for the description of incorporeal. I’m well aware. I asked something else.

    Well if that is omnipotence then the standard needs to be higher.

    1. There can be no corporeal standard for omnipotence, by definition, since its power exceed all possibles in the corporeal world. But the ability to call upon that power at will, is a sign that the one calling up it, has its under his power, which would be impossible unless He is God or sent by God. In Christ’s case both were true, because as one sent from God He also claimed to be one with God.

  10. On another note, I couldn’t help but read the article on DeSantis. I wanted to add another detail I learned regarding his being in Israel almost all the time. A Florida bill was passed regarding the Governor’s travels. All his traveling into another country is to be kept under wraps. Lastly, in regards to people being censored and never heard of again: you gave the perfect description of Orwell 1984.

    1. Orwell had a brother who was a globalist, so he knew what they were working for…

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