The “Green Scam” exposed by real Climate Scientists & Geologists

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4 thoughts on “The “Green Scam” exposed by real Climate Scientists & Geologists”

  1. I don’t want to submit this beautifull speech of Pope Francis today, to the topic because it’s wider than it. I leave it here so it can be easy to find. It was the last meeting before turning Rome but. All the apostolic journey was intense.

    Faculty of Information Technology and Bionics of the Catholic University “Péter Pázmány” (Budapest)

  2. THE WHOLE WEST HAS BEEN UNDER ATTACK BY THE ‘Royal Institute’s International Foreign Affairs Committee of 300’; The Club of Rome…All now led by Ding-a-Ling King CHUCKIE. The City of London, NEUTRAL? Switzerland, Rome where they have their little meetings to determine WHAT THEY DO TO THE WORLD…Including the United States…The origin of eugenics, ‘Survival of the Fittest’, Socialism, Fascism, Communism…ALL MIRRORING THE WORST OF THE MONARCHY OVER A 1000 YEARS. This time when the people take these Satanic Demons wearing human suits down; there can be NO MERCY in allowing them to end their EVIL HORRORS to go home. Next time, it will be to remove all wealth of the whole group and all associates before EXECUTION. Forgiveness is always a given…But, it is NOT FORGETTING AND WHEN THE PEOPLE WIN AGAIN; THEY WILL BE SHOWN WHAT HAPPENS TO THOSE ATTACKING THE GLOBE ONCE AND FOR ALL TIME.

  3. This is a brilliant video to send to any of your friends/ family frightened by the mainstream narrative about climate change.
    The Professor explains in a witty way why Carbon Dioxide is the stuff of life, and how politics warps the pursuit of true science. He’s a genius communicator.

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