CHINA: What happens when you do not comply with 15 minute city rules

SCOTLAND: Glasgow bans “older” cars, imposes Insane fines for daily violations

Editor’s Note: Step 1 to the 15 minute city is first to ban Cars. Phase 1 is to ban “older” cars. — The game is to play you using one lie after another. But the Narrative cannot hide that it is an act of Terrorism, since the fines are £60 for the first day violation, £120 for the second, £240 for the third, £480 for the fourth, £960 for the fifth, £1920 for the sixth, and £3860 for the seventh day of violations. And it continues to double for each day.

I recommend that citizens in the Glasgow area make copies of the license plate numbers of the City Officials who imposed this ban, and get everyone in the city to put them on their cars in protest, so that the penalties can be accrued to the persons who actually deserve them.

Civil resistance is the only way to stop the Great Reset, short of a retort to arms.

Died Suddenly Sequel: The Final Days

Editor’s Note: Drop everything and watch this, for this video explains how the Globalists have already launched a Satanic plot to exterminate all of mankind by transforming them into robots entirely controlled by them and subservient to a demonic system. The DeathVaxx is the Mark of the Beast.

ITALY: In June begins Beta testing of EU Digital Identity Wallet

Summary and Commentary in English by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The speaker here advises residents in Italy to resist the introduction of this Globalist control system. Experimentation is beginning in the autonomous Province of Trento. If this goes well, it will be extended to all of Italy, without any testing. — So it is Italians in Trento who need to push resistance and objections during the testing time. — In 2024 they are to extend testing to all of Europe, and in 2025 they intend to make it obligatory for all EU citizens.

I advise all EU citizens to avoid this system and refuse using it no matter what manner of persecution results. Keep your paper and plastic documents. Boycott any company which requires the new digital documentation.

This Digital Wallet is being launched by the European Commission.  This wallet will be tied to the SIM card of your cellphone and to your Bank Account, your Passport, your Driver’s license, your tax idenity (you won’t be able to pay taxes without it), your Medical Assistance card, and your Pharmacy discounts.

The bonus here is that if you refuse this Digital ID you will no longer be traceable, but will be entirely outside of their control system. This means you can earn income without being taxed, and your employer can pay you without declaring your existence. It is a win-win situation.

Those who accept this Digital Wallet will be able to be controlled in the following ways: if you oppose the political agenda of the government, you will be restricted in what you purchase, eat, where you work, travel, vacation, and in the funds you are able to save and spend.

In other words, you will be a SLAVE.

There will be a point system like the Chinese Social Credit System. Penalties will include taking away your right to medical care, ownership, driving, eating, working, possessing money, voting, etc..

It is obvious that we all need to start thinking of creating a parallel economy, or black market, where those who resist can still work, buy food and consumables, rent and live out their lives. — I say this, because I have advocated founding political parties, forming international alliances, and preparing to defend yourself, and organizing locally. But it seems everyone still has their head in the sand — though honestly I would not want to know what you are doing anyhow. So don’t tell me!