Why the War to save Christendom begins in your Parish at the Mass

Editor’s Note: In this show, AJ and Br. Bugnolo talk about the grave damage done by liturgical abuse, and what is your duty in regard to what is going on in your parish Church. What is said here, has never been said in 1000 years. Epoch making advice. — A must listen, in full, to the climax.

You keep what you fight for. The Catholics in the Ukraine have been doing this for nearly 1000 years, and you can see and hear their victory, even when chanted in English, in this video recording of the Cherubicon, at the beginning of the Canon of the Mass, during the Greek Catholic Rite of the Mass (also known as the Ruthenian Rite):

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6 thoughts on “Why the War to save Christendom begins in your Parish at the Mass”

  1. In the past 15 years I witnessed several Masses where Priests explicitly permitted Protestants to receive Holy Communion, if they accepted the Catholic doctrine of transubstantiation.

    On the transferred Feast of Corpus Christi, 2021, at my former Parish Church, the Priest commenced his homily praising “the vaccine”, comparing it to the saving Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. He asked for those who had received “the vaccine” to raise their hands, so the rest of the congregation could applaud them. He was about to ask those who had not received “the vaccine” to identify themselves, but was interrupted by a man, seated at his pew, who proclaimed loudly, “This is sacrilege! How dare you compare the vaccine to the Body and Blood of Christ!”

    1. A protestant, cannot receive the Sacraments in the Catholic Church, except that of Confession, where he repents of being a protestant and professes the Catholic Faith and all his life long sins. After which he must be formally received. To give anyone who does not do this the Sacrament, is a most grave sacrilege which crucifies the Lord Jesus again by putting him in the mouth of a religious adulterer. It is to rape Jesus.

      1. Thank you for your clarification.

        I was not aware that a Protestant could ever receive the Sacrament of Confession until conversion to being a Catholic, but I suppose first Confession is a step in this process.

        What about the homily comparing “the vaccine” to the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ on the Solemnity of Corpus Christi?

      2. That is utter blasphemy. Fly from such a church and denounce the priest to his Bishop or superior for rank heresy.

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