SPAIN: Catholic Priest attacked by Muslim with machete, saying, “Christianity must be eliminated”

Editor’s Note: This horrific double attack also included the slaying of a Sacristan who was chased from church into a public square and slaughtered in front of witnesses. — Certain groups are being imported to the native lands of Christendom, by Globalist controlled national governments and globalist NGO’s, precisely because these groups have the same spiritual goals as Globalism: the extermination of Christians.

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6 thoughts on “SPAIN: Catholic Priest attacked by Muslim with machete, saying, “Christianity must be eliminated””

  1. Muslims remind me of the zombies in the movie World War Z.
    Same mentality.

  2. “Stealth Invasion” by Leo Hohmann is a book Amazon banned which could only be found through Barnes and Noble. The author has been disallowed by Govt. allow reprinting when it ‘Sold Out’ almost immediately following its release.

    It is about “The Muslim Conquest Through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad”. In it, a Sister Hatune, born Christian in the Middle East recounts how the Cult of Mohammed, institutionalizes killing, beheading and pedophilia and what they did to her family. Daily living for Christians in Muslim lands is unimaginably horrendous from her memories documented in the book.

    Twenty-five times, the Q’uran demands the killing of Christians by beheading because it declares Christians as polytheistic. Killing by beheading or crucifixion is commanded by anybody claiming God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, that Jesus is the Son of God. THIS IS MANDATORY FOR ALL FAITHFUL MUSLIMS…NOT RADICALIZED MUSLIMS. ALL FAITHFUL MUSLIMS MUST MURDER CHRISTIANS ACCORDING TO THE Q’URAN, HADITH AND SUNNA…THIS IS DEMANDED OVER 36,800 times among the three books determining Muslim/Sharia Law.

    Muslims may rape any non-Muslim woman. Muslims must marry girls BEFORE MENSTRUATION OR BEFORETHE AGE OF 13…According to Suria Law. Many in Arab Countries, in Africa, Asia are forced to endure ‘Female Genital Mutilation’ as a right of womanhood. The numbers of this practice are increasing in the west with the ILLEGAL INSURGENCY now taking place with LAUNDERED U.S. Taxpayer money.


    Christians and Jews are taught to think of a Mosque as a Temple, Synagogue or Church WHEN A MOSQUE IS NOT A TEMPLE, SYNAGOGUE or CHURCH. IT IS A PLACE OF TERRORISM…A place to store weapons, plan violence and war…a place to hold captured slaves from their people…A TROJAN HORSE IN COMMUNITIES OF MAJORITY CHRISTIAN/JEWISH INHABITANTS.

  3. The holy crusaders job hundreds of years ago. is today being ignored. Imaginne what EU would have looked like today if it weren’t for the holy crusaders?
    There would not be any Europe, or any European culture left at all.
    Today, nobody is standing up against muslim scum or Islam spreading. like cancer in EU, just walking around. vaping, getting takeaway food, lowering their IQ by using stupid apps and taking 100 selfies of themselves daily, and farting in their sofas watching Netflix..

    1. Self defense is the only time you are allowed to defend yourself. Unless he is armed and ready to attack you, any attempt to plot and kill another person is MURDER, the sin of Cain. A violation of the 5th commandment.

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