3 thoughts on “Pope Francis gives long interview to Hungarian Jesuits”

  1. What does this statement by Pope Francis means?
    “ This is why I decided that now the permission to celebrate according to the Roman Missal of 1962 is mandatory for all newly consecrated priests.”

    Is this restricting celebration of any old rite pre Vatican II?

    1. It means nothing, because as you can see, it can mean 3 things:

      All priests are required to get permission.
      All priests who are to celebrate only the Ancient Mass, must have personally permission, and not only from the fact they are in such a community which celebrates.
      All priests cannot celebrate this mass, without special personal permission.

      Here we see the intervention of Christ the High Priest, who prevented him saying anything new or meaningful, because all priests, of whatever right, upon ordination have to get permission to say mass. It’s been that way for nearly 1000 years.

      And noticeable, he does not speak of any liturgy prior to 1962, so priests apparently can say that mass without permission at any time.

      So, you see, you need to know Canon Law to understand what the Pope is saying or not saying.

      In addition, this is an interview, and not a juridical act, so it cannot possible have any legal effect on anything. Nor does it express the mind of the legislator, because Traditionis Custodes was promulgated without any authority whatsoever, and juridically does not exist.

      As for those who are very troubled by this interview on this point, they are obviously persons who have already chosen to live THE LIE that Bergoglio was validly elected in March of 2013. I really cannot have any pity on them, because those who live lies, never know peace, because they have separated themselves from the Prince of Peace Who is Truth.

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