Low Estimates of DeathVaxx Damage: 26 Million injured or killed in the USA alone

Editor’s Note: I say, “low” estimates, because excess deaths while is most probably does include deaths which are consequent from the DeathVaxx, it definitely does not include all deaths, since death by the DeathVaxx is not only discounted in death reports, but because since Hospitals were effectively shut down, the normal deaths caused by hospitals were greatly reduced.

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4 thoughts on “Low Estimates of DeathVaxx Damage: 26 Million injured or killed in the USA alone”

  1. With reference to harms, many of the people I know who have had many doses seem to be showing personality changes and developing a rigid, inflexible, dull or agitated style of thinking. I wonder if an intention of the injections is to make people go mad.

    Quote: ‘The injection of the spike protein alone caused cell death in the brain, highlighting a direct effect on brain tissue.’

    With persistence of the spike protein then progressive decline seems likely.


    1. This is a widely reported yet as of today not yet scientifically studied phenomenon of those who took the vaxx. Also, since it was contrary to right reason to take it, those who did have injured their own habitual thought processes.

  2. Still now, majority of people do not see the cause-effect factor (or even, observation of coincidence). Why? Because the deaths are not odd. Heart attack? Déja vu. Turbo cancer? Déjà vu. Sudden death? It can happen. Beside that, all the health problems are also “classic”. Just the number of occurences is higher. But only unpoisoned people care… the others were ready to sacrifice their health to get the pass to the restaurants and pubs. For the first ones it was a decision based on health and integrity, for the other ones a decision based on social life and social compliance. Still now, people tell me it was worth it. I let it come down! I’ve done my job: warning all family and friends. After that, I told them how to try to get rid of the poison. I go to conferences, I read books on the question: only people like us, not concerned, are interested in the topic! Another thing: in my country, France, nobody’s shocked by the uninjected health workers’ ban! Only within the next weeks they will be re-granted to work! With the obscene public insults of the government. Disgusting.

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