AUSTRALIA: Capital Territory seizes Catholic Hospital to force it to do abortions

Editor’s note: The Globalist Kulturkampf has begun in earnest. I honestly never expected them to seize the property of Catholic institutions so soon. — To my knowledge the forced sale of Catholic properties was first cooked up by the masonic government of Spain, who called it “amortization”.

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5 thoughts on “AUSTRALIA: Capital Territory seizes Catholic Hospital to force it to do abortions”

  1. If the Spain is now a Masonic government, ( presumably during the 1898-1904 when the Spain royalty made a pact with the Americans ), does that mean that most of the clergy there are Modernists?

    I realize now that true Catholicism requires action.

    1. I think that most clergy in most places are modernists, because nearly all seminaries are tainted with that errror, and you are forced to study and regurgitate it if you want to be a priest today in the Church, even in the better seminaries. In 2011, I found that every pontifical university was tainted with modernism (from personal investigation and conversastions with first hand witnesses) and the graduates of these institutions become seminary professors in the rest of the world, or worse, bishops.

  2. Thank you. It confirms my experience to why most priests tolerate or even promote, to the point that they accept donations from these groups in large sums, non-Church-approved visionaries that mostly contains errors and heresies.

    Following Padre Pio’s advice to only take the visit Sacramental Jesus ( Blessed Sacrament ), go to Mass, go to Confessions, and read the Gospels.

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