FromRome.Info needs your help by June 28th

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Since January of 2020, FromRome.Info has brought you the news and commentary which saved hundreds of thousands of our readers from being mislead into the greatest death-plot of mass murder in human history. At times, FromRome.Info had as many as 70,000 readers in a day, and more than 12 million per year. Being able to sustain the distribution of information to such a large readership costs money, and like every service, our hosting company has informed us that our next renewal payment is scheduled for the end of June.

The cost for renewal is $2879.76 USD.  If I can raise the money, FromRome.Info will stay online. This cost only includes the use of  server fast enough to let all our viewers read the site from anywhere in the world, and to protect from Denial of Service attacks, which recently have been run by the CCP Military against this site through domains registered in Singapore.

This sum must be paid before June 28th, 2023, or FromRome.Info will become effectively archived and only readable by a few viewers every day, since it will be put on a shared hosting plan, with a much reduced and limited throughput.

A Private Donor pledged to match every donation, up to the first $1000 raised. Thus every $ you donate, he will donate another!

So far, $1500 has been raised,
which has triggered the $1000 matching pledge,
making a total of $2500 raised.
— as of June 11, 2023.

If you would like to see FromRome.Info continue to publish for another 2 years, please help in this fund raiser.

You can help in 3 ways: by Paypal, by a Zelle Payment, or by bank wire.

Either through a donation via PayPal, using a credit or debit card:

Or, by a Zelle Payment

If your Bank in the USA offers this method (click HERE to see if you bank offers Zelle). When using Zelle, indicate the reason for your transfer (FromRome). Zelle is a system whereby one can send funds from your bank to another bank, via an email registered system, so only use an email registered with your bank which is very secure.

Bank Wires

To FROMROME.Info, you can now send a bank wire to any one of the below accounts to help FromRome.Info.

DISCLOSURE: Unlike PayPal, if you use a BankWire to one of the accounts below, ALL YOUR PERSONAL information is WITHHELD, that is Br. Bugnolo will not receive your address, email, bank account information or phone number. Only the name on the account from which the bank wire emanates will be disclosed. — However, do to this, Br. Bugnolo will not be able to issue a refund if requested, because he will have no way of verifying from which bank account the money came.

For bank wires, You must indicate one of the REASON as follows, when you send your bank wire, so that the receiving account, Ordo Miltiaris Inc., can assign the funds to FromRome.Info’s server expenses for the next two years:

FROMROME — For donations to maintain this web information service free of charge to readers.

Depending on where you are, you can send a bank wire in different currencies, to Wise Bank, at any one of the following accounts, held by Ordo Militaris Inc., a US corporation for humanitarian assistance. No part of these funds will be used by this corporation, all will be transferred to the purpose you request in the REASON you state as per above.

From the United States, in US Dollars:

From the United Kingdom, in Pounds Sterling:

From Australia, in Australian Dollars:

From CANADA & all other nations, in EUROS:

Please note, that when sending monies within the EU or the SEPA system, use the BIC code shown below. BUT, when sending monies in Euros from CANADA or from outside the EU or SEPA systems, use the same code as the BIC, but enter it as the SWIFT CODE.

In advance I offer my gratitude and prayers in advance to all my supporters.

If you cannot afford to make a donation, please do me the favor of praying for me and making FromRome known to your friends and family. That way I can grow my readership. Thank you!

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9 thoughts on “FromRome.Info needs your help by June 28th”

  1. Thanks for this heartfelt update, Brother Alexis.
    I will donate as much as I can reasonably afford, within the next 7 days.
    I hope & pray that many other regular readers will do the same!
    Pax tecum.

      1. Donation made though a few days later than originally planned. Hopefully the funds are ‘stacking up well’ on this one…?
        Pax tecum.

      2. So far approximately $2000 has been raised (this includes the matching fund of $1000 which your donation finally triggered).

        Thank you. So in the next month, another about $880 needs to be raised.

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