FRANCE: Bishops to introduce digital ID for all Catholic clergy

Editor’s Note: This is an astute move from the Globalists, who are leveraging the fear of pedophiles, whom they imported into the clergy through coercion and bribery, to get all clergy to have digital IDs. This will inturn be used to leverage all clergy to get all laity to accept digital IDs.  This is the equivalent of accept Agenda 2030, or we will send you a pedophile at your parish, kind-of-threat. Pure evil.

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7 thoughts on “FRANCE: Bishops to introduce digital ID for all Catholic clergy”

  1. That’s stupid! If they are a sex offender they cannot serve the public as a member of the clergy and that’s that!

    Do they really think we are all that stupid?

  2. When the clergy accept this digital ID, they are off limits, imho.
    The next step is a chip in your hand, with this data.
    It’s clearly a sign of the beast.

  3. Time for the Clergy to REFUSE…How dare anybody demand any Person of God to do anything so heinous and against God. I’m NOT going to Mass any longer…Nothing is the same and I just don’t belong to this Idolatrous, Apostate Heresy any longer. Jesus Christ’s Church, Roman Catholicism IS NOT ANY LONGER. Still have faith and still support the Cancelled Priests…WILL NOT SUPPORT THIS ORGANIZATION BOWING TO SATAN AND THE DEMONS WEARING HUMAN BEING SUITS ANY MORE.

    1. Well if you live in France, one might understand your position, but never stop anything on account of someone on the other side of the globe….

    2. Robbi-
      Remember this – Christ speaking about his church: ….”and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”

      1. Indeed. Jesus, I Trust in You.

        Jesus and Mary, I love You, save souls.

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