3 thoughts on “Pfizer and Dominion demanded Carlson’s firing”

  1. Pfizer isn’t really Pfizer…As Pfizer was merely a FRONT FOR THE U.S. DARPA/DOD with the Ai/Bio Nanoweapon Injections and Moderna is GOVT. OWNED AND OPERATED. Big Pharma is actually WESTERN GOVT. OWNED AND OPERATED JUST AS BIG TECH. IT’S ALL Colonial-Fascist and directly out of the U.K. and CCP…THEY ARE THE SAME ORGANIZATION AND BOTH ARE ABOUT TAKING DOWN AMERICA AS AMERICA’S SYSTEM OPPOSES THEIR ABSOLUTE POWER/CONTROL MODEL making people slaves.

    Dominion Machines, Fox, Pfizer…All are owned by Blackrock/Vanguard and are as money being transferred from one book to another when all ARE OWNED BY THE SAME CONGLOMERATION. NOBODY LOST ANYTHING AS IT’S ALL THE SAME ANIMAL. The trunk of the Elephant has received treatment for injury while the left, rear foot toenal remains infected…THAT’S ALL THIS IS. WHAT A HOAX…A CON…A SCAM to produce a NARRATIVE OF U.S. ELECTIONS BEING FREE AND FAIR WHEN EVERYBODY KNOWS IT’S ALL A HUGE CHEAT MACHINE installing evil, TREASONOUS CRIMINALS AGAINST HUMANITY AND THE PLANET INTO SCARECROW POSITIONS FOR THE Parasitic, Satanic International Mafia Cult running the planet for the last 1000 or more years.

  2. A multinational corporation is just a private front by the government.

    Once it serves its purposes, the CEO will be blamed, obviously the fall guy.

    When Pfizer falls, the CEO will also be blamed.

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