Dr. Jane Ruby: Whistleblower says Morphine used intentionally to kill “Covid Patients”

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4 thoughts on “Dr. Jane Ruby: Whistleblower says Morphine used intentionally to kill “Covid Patients””

  1. Morphine in high doses cause arrythmia ( heart attack ). It is not surprising if the nurses get high on drugs in hospitals back in 2020 – 2022.

  2. What is remarkable is the omerta and the culture of lie and arrogance in the medical systems in occident. All illnesses and diseases increase and no one speaks. (Those who have spoken have done it since the beginning and are already banned). At least they say “it’s curious, such an increase of turbo cancers since 2 years !”etc.
    They accepted everything. Everything and above all the worst. Those persons can’t be excused nor forgiven. Never. Anyway, the plan (the 2030 plan of course) is to replace them by AI and protocols. No doctors anymore, only protocols and no-diploma executants from anywhere. For your health and safety of course.

    1. Those doctors also took the DeathVaxx in one form or another (DeathSwab, Death Mask, “Covid” Drugs), so they might die before “Operation 2030” ( I believe this is the Mark of the Beast ).

      AI, digital currency, and the global SIM tracking will be the only way to avail of medical services.

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