Talking about Guardian Angels on their National Holiday: Ascension Thursday

Many don’t know, that, if one could say that the Angels of God have a national holiday, that it would be today: the Solemnity of the Ascension of Our Lord into Heaven. Why? — Hear what Br. Bugnolo says in this 40 minute catechesis on True Devotion to your Guardian Angel: what it is, and how to practice it, and what is the diabolic error many have fallen into…

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2 thoughts on “Talking about Guardian Angels on their National Holiday: Ascension Thursday”

  1. Thank you Brother, I really love the ‘concept’, the reality of Guardian Angels and your talk confirms a lot of what I believe plus a lot I didn’t but do now!
    Yah Bless <3

  2. Thank you so much for this sensible, prudent talk.
    My beloved guardian Angel has saved my life several times. I am 71 yrs old.
    When 21, riding in the back of a windowless van, reading, a voice screamed in my ear “look up NOW” I called out my husband’s name since he was driving and he suddenly swerved….a car was in the wrong lane heading right for us and my husband had not noticed until I yelled his name. A head on collision with us and our little baby averted by that voice.
    Years later on my way to work, waiting in a turn lane, got the green light to go but suddenly super strong invisible hands were holding my thigh down and I could not move my leg to step on the gas and go, person behind me honking for me to proceed, then to my left a speeding car came barreling down running the red light.
    As soon as the danger passed, the hands lifted and I was able to drive and turn left. I pulled over, shaking and crying because if not for the “hands” pressing so hard on my leg I would have proceeded through that green light! May the Good God be blessed for his kindness and care!
    The oddest, most frightening save was about 10 yrs ago, sailing with 5 others in our little boat, thinking the container ship ahead was going AWAY from us…chatting and not paying attention….when suddenly a big blasted horn from the ship, men on board running forward to watch the sure collision, no way out to maneuver around but to perhaps turn sideways to mitigate the T bone….when I screamed “oh angels help us, ANGELS HELP US NOWWWWW!!!!!!! Others on board knowing that death was moments away……when a twilight zone occurred….as I screamed for the angels and closed my eyes……we were suddenly well beyond the ship safely sailing. Impossible yet true.
    That weekend I cried continuously as I know we were saved miraculously as death seemed so certain. Later I spoke with the others on board as to what they experienced…non believers yet they were perplexed as to how this happened, hearing me screaming for the Angels then….poof, safely away from the danger.
    Yes I so LOVE my dearest guardian Angel, St. Michael and all 9 choirs are honored daily by me.
    Oh Father in Heaven, Jesus Christ True God True Man, Most Holy Ghost I adore you profoundly.

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