Bill Gates to spray commercial fruit with Unwashable lipid soup to “keep it fresh”

Editor’s Note: Don’t imagine for a moment that this is not a watershed development for introducing chemicals into raw vegetables. Due to the size of graphine-oxide and nano-particles, there is no guarantee that Bill Gate’s investment is simply a benign commercial interest in profitability, for such a coating could in the future be a vector for the depositing of graphene oxide or nano-technology on the vegetable or fruit, to get it into the human diet!

So far this applies only to Kroger and Walmart Stores. But you would be good to ask your fruit and vegetable purveyors in the USA if they sell items with APEEL spray on them. — If they do, tell the manager you will now boycott their store for the rest of your life, and then walk out and never come back. Stores which sell such chemically modified products have no concern whatsoever for your health.

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8 thoughts on “Bill Gates to spray commercial fruit with Unwashable lipid soup to “keep it fresh””

  1. On the surface it does not seem like such a bad idea. But as the second article details, the manufacturer is not very forthcoming with information. And certainly having Bill Gates as an investor pushes the alarm bells to the maximum.

    What is curious is that Apeel contains lipids. Maybe these lipids are similar to the lipid nanoparticles of the covid vaccine? I am ignorant in anything related to Biology but it’s difficult not to make a connection.

  2. Has anybody considered this to be a scheme to create ‘Food Desserts’ even in the middle of the Midwest where so much food is grown? Or, to INFURIATE PEOPLE TO THE POINT OF VIOLENCE?
    DISMANTLE ALL THE GOVT. AND REMOVE ALL IMMUNITY FROM THE BILLIONAIRE ENEMIES AGAINST HUMANTY. Time to RETAKE OUR GOVT. from those seeking Absolute Power to destroy all God’s creation with Artificial Biotech and install slavery forever.

    1. This is the best explanation I have read for the pandemic. My personal experience, and observable evidence are explained by the patents.

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