Tucker Carlson on the current status of the Natural Right of Self Defense


 Editor’s Note: Carlson has touched upon one of the trends being pushed by Globalists to prepare for Agenda 2030, that is, flipping the categories of guilty and innocence, so that their adepts can perpetrate any crime, and innocent citizens can be  prosecuted for defending themselves from any crime whatsoever.

But Tucker continues to be confuse his speculation, outside of all personal knowledge of science or facts on the ground, to push the the fake Bio-lab story in Ukraine, where the labs in question are blood testing center level 1-3 labs, not those for bio-warfare which are 4 and 5 level labs, which Ukraine has 0 of. — Also, as someone who actually has friends fighting in Ukraine, I know that Carlson is way off the rails of reality, if he thinks they are being paid by the US Govt or are in US military units. They are honest unfunded volunteers who have to beg for their clothing and soap. To compare Ukraine to Vietnam is historically, militarily and morally absurd and disgusting, because in Ukraine a sovereign nation was violated without cause, but in Vietnam, neither country had yet a history of sovereignty. In fact both were former colonies of France. Ukraine is Christian, Vietnam Buddhist. Ukrainians want help, Vietnamese simply wanted foreigners to go away.

As for sensitive nuclear tech, Carlson is so ignorant that he thinks that all such tech has to do with nuclear weapons, and has no idea of the level of technology used in nuclear power production, which is sensitive because it can be used to power rival nations and thus is controlled technology.

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