The New 50 Euro Note enshrines Baphomet as the God of the EU

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I thought it was an internet myth, until a friend showed me otherwise.  Here is where you can find the image of Baphoment on the official EU 50 Euro Note.

Take the official 50 Euro Note, reverse side:

And then rotate it to the LEFT like this:

Then fold the right 33% under the back of the left 66%, showing only the Left side (in Latin, the Sinister side):

And then place it along side a mirror to see the entire thing whole:


The image of Baphomet is also present if you fold the 50 Euro note the other way, as can be seen in this video, explaining it in French:

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6 thoughts on “The New 50 Euro Note enshrines Baphomet as the God of the EU”

  1. Guess we know which demon has authority from hell over the domain of the European Region…As though we needed any other clue following the Cern’s Gotthard Tunnel Satanic Opening Ceremony. And, Musk acts on Cosplay…Or, wears the costume for Halloween. Never heard of this particular demon before this year. Wonder what the symptoms of demonization by this entity is about…As Moloch is about Human/Infant/Child Sacrifice.

  2. It was said that visionaries saw Europe burning during war, so this will be the reward for the coven of witches.

    It is a sign for the citizens there to get out before the 15 minute cities take into effect.

  3. “Then render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s”. Matthew 22:21.
    God bless

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