Atheist President of Italy: Our “Constitution” forbids the wicked ideas of “supremacy”

Editor’s Note: This is the same man who was illegally confirmed as President of the Republic, and who approved every unconstitutional and illegal proceeding of the Scamdemic. Now he wants to make everyone sure of the fact that the Italian Constitution, which he used as toilet paper, forbids any idea of Italian supremacy, by which I think he means “white supremacy”: one of the Rothschild terms used to outlaw the opponents of Rothschild supremacy. — Mattarrella, whose name means “hatchet” — I am not making this up — even cites God, as he denounces notions of supremacy based upon race (razza in Italian is a foreign word), belonging (I think he means ethnicity or geography), and power (which is the kind he actually preaches 24/7).

I think he is really taking a hit at the one political party which is most ideologically threatening to himself and the globalist regime which he represents and serves so well. But what is that party…. ?

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