Dr. Rashid Buttar, exposer of the Scamdemic Hoax, assassinated by poison

Editor’s Note: The claim he was poisoned was his own testimony. He said he believed the poison was administered after his interview with CNN. He died on May 18 or 20th,* 2023, just days after going public about it. The “Center for Digital Hate” named him among the top 16 persons responsible for spreading “misinformation” during the “Pandemic”. — When the MSM ridicules someone on the occasion of their death, it is safe to assume, for the moment, that their friends had something to do with it. — He was one of the first medical experts to name Anthony Fauci as responsible for the Scamdemic. In 2020, April, he was first to say the majority of deaths will come from the DeathVaxx, not from the “Virus”. On CNN, in October 2021, he named Fauci is worst than Hitler and will be responsible for killing more persons than Hitler. — Note, that the “Virus” did not originate in Wuhan, but the DeathVaxx was perfected there with US Military funding. — The DeathVaxx CNN journalist who interviewed him died “suddenly” 14 months after the interview, and Dr. Buttar died 17 months later. So one might suspect that the death of Buttar was vendetta by the DeepState. And so the moral of the story is, NEVER accept an interview by a MSM ally.


** Wikipedia says 20th, but the video poster below says May 18th.

Here is what is claimed was his last interview:

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7 thoughts on “Dr. Rashid Buttar, exposer of the Scamdemic Hoax, assassinated by poison”

  1. Bill Gates also blocked the spreading of Dr. Buttar’s interview.

    You will get this notification on Microsoft browsers:

    “This page has been blocked by Microsoft Edge”

  2. My initial reaction to this news was “they had no right”. It saddens me greatly to have learned about this. They are cleaning house as there have been 2 other mysterious deaths in the last month of those whose views were in synch with Dr Buttar’s. He was a beautiful soul and I will miss him greatly.

  3. This link now no longer works.
    Is it on an alternative platform, and can you give that link?
    Brazenly horrific.

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