Rebekah Roth: What happened to the bodies of 9/11?

Introduction and Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Above, is the radio show, where the Stewardess (nom du plume, Rebekah Roth) who has examined the 9/11 narrative confronts the hard question, which if answered definitively would bring down the entire US government, since the inconsistencies of the official narrative leave inevitably to the conclusion that the US govt. intentionally murdered hundreds of persons to cover up and maintain the narrative.– This show was recorded in Dec. of 2017, and in this show Roth foretells another coming fake Narrative to control minds (prophetic)!

However, there is some controversy about Rebekah Roth, which caused her to publicly state that her real name is Koreann Ashlie, a name which others also dispute as false. Her critics objections are that she makes statements which do not correspond to Air Line regulations and refuses to reveal her sources, though she claims to have worked as a purser for North West Airlines, but at other times says, American Airlines. — Since 2017 it appears all the videos attacking her have been taken down, and since 2020 she seems to have stopped making videos. The last article about here is from 2018 (here) and there is a 4 part video from 2016, produced by  former FBI agent, which investigates her background (here) which however no longer exists, though it reported confirmed she was a flight attendant for 30 years. Whereupon, the article claims she disappears from public view, which is not true, because she was making videos, with very few views, as late as 2020 on her YouTube channel (see top video link here). — I wonder why all her critics removed their claims against her? You decide.

Her underlying thesis is that the Mossad played a major role in the 9/11 hoax. But such a claim against Mossad (Rothschild Faction) would also be expected to be made by the CIA (Skull and Bones faction), since they war with one another when playing the blame card.

Yet, her books, which she admits are fictional, are still for sale. Did she investigate, receive first hand testimony, or extrapolate from the evidence others found? I have not yet found anyone to sort it out. If you do, let me know in the comments.

On this website, you can read the first three chapters of her first, of four, book…

Below is her website where you can get all of her books.

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5 thoughts on “Rebekah Roth: What happened to the bodies of 9/11?”

  1. The authors name. The spelling of the authors name. Two fluttering red flags indicating: proceed with extreme caution. TPTB as denounced by Our Lord are experts at presenting false dialectics. I’ll say no more because on past form I doubt you will want to hear my take, but the “hanged man” tarot figure has been observed in photographs of the alleged jumpers from the towers. They are taking us for a ride (again) IMO.

  2. I have believed that 9/11 was an “inside job” for many years now. But I listened to this presentation debunking many of the arguments and now I wonder whether it was perpetrated by Muslims trained by the KGB.

  3. I read many years ago that when the Towers were first built they could not get anybody interested in renting the expensive real estate. So an important multi millionaire co. leased the top floors, which I believe ( unless my memory is in error) was under contract for 25 years. 911 happened very soon after that lease was up. very soon… ..It was a big American family business name who rented it…

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