St. Rita of Cascia pray for us!

And here is how they celebrate her feast day, at Acireale, Sicilia (this report is from’s correspondent):

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2 thoughts on “St. Rita of Cascia pray for us!”

  1. I didn’t know the patron saint I am calling for help and assistance had an incorruptible body…

    I just picked a leaflet of her life and a novena prayer somewhere from a shelf during my days of depression.

  2. My sister related that one of our maternal Aunts, her name was Raquel told her this story. When my aunt was little and realized that her brother and sisters all had two names given at birth, but to her my grandparents gave her one name. She said in a humorous way, that is not fair, so she picked St Rita’s name for her second name and had her siblings call her Raquel Rita. Interesting, the story behind St Rita’s life. Do not know why she picked St Rita, probably because my Aunt was born on a May 22nd which is St. Rita’s feast day. In our family tradition, most children received their first or second name from the feast day of the Saint their were born or were going to be born (due day).

    Thank you for the video story.

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