WHO Chief: Get ready for an even more deadly Pandemic

Editor’s Note: Translation – “We failed to kill even a significant number of you in the last hoax, so we are planning to do it right the next time. Get ready to comply and die!” — Click above to read the full article.

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13 thoughts on “WHO Chief: Get ready for an even more deadly Pandemic”

  1. Gebreyesus, once a terrorist, always a terrorist.
    It is typical that he has a name with Jesus in it.

    1. Started with fertilizers ( “polio vaccine” ), ends with graphene ( “co-veed nineteen virus” ).

  2. I am not saying anything new but it bears repeating. They usually like to deploy their coups in the Fall /Winter when people are immobilized by cold weather. Food inflation will be worse next year. . The final enslavement of humanity could take several years, but no later than 2028-2030. It could be a “all at once” or a more gradual set of events. In any case, we know they want to centralize control and are almost there. Most, if not all corporate governments are onboard. Do not be fooled by minuscule attempts to make it look like there is an opposition. Those who do not take the mark, or embrace the new system will not be able to sell, eat, work. Prepare now.

  3. climate change with terrible threat on our planet of course, insects for food, restrictions on water, oil, travels, end of private property.. that’s the agenda 2030 spread everywhere in occident.
    Actually there are numerous people around us now, who are seriously ill: a new pandemic will be a good explanation on their state or even, deaths 🙁
    Yes: let’s safe food, us, and fight against this agenda ! I was not born to be a psychopath’s puppet !!

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