7 thoughts on “Never Forget! — All the perpetrators of the Scamdemic Holocaust! – 20+ Million already dead”

  1. They should be tried and executed publicly. Every single one of them: genocide and killing babies in the womb and because of shedding. Either way the immigrants will be the ones replacing those dying vaccinated.

  2. The “vaccines” «haven’t been as effective at keeping people from catching and spreading the virus — partly because SARS-CoV-2 has become more contagious, and partly because it is evolving to dodge the vaccines».

    So: nasal vaccines (so that GO can go right to tour brain)

    Who Is the president of Gavi?


    1. Wake up.
      There isn’t such a thing as SARS-CoV-2.
      A virus has never been isolated.
      If you say yes? Than show me the scientific paper that says so.
      It just is the flu. Like the 10000 years before.

  3. only people who had already opened eyes before that psyop acknowledge this
    most of the suddenly ill people around us (some of them with very grave illnesses) don’t do the cause-effect link (the logic was never their personal software..)- that’s why actual tyrans and killers have all their chances to stay and remain…and new ones will appear 🙁

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