USA: Illinois AG alleges 450+ Catholic Priests & Religious abused 1997 children

Editor’s Note:  There is no excusing abuse, and we all know that clergy involved in this disagree mightily with Catholic Teaching on morality. But as an Anthropologist with a little knowledge of the State of Illinois, I will go out on a limb and put out there this observation: perhaps the reason why so many were allow to abuse so many so long in Illinois is that the abusers were registered Democrat voters? Illinois is a notorious bastion of that party and that party is pushing the legalization of pedophilia nationwide. In fact, one of their political candidates founded 5 websites for pedophiles.

You see the AG might think he is finally cleaning up the State, but he is only pointing the finger at the worst enemy of the Masonic Lodge. How about others? And the enemies of the Church will see this as a victory, but it really points back to 70 years of corruption in which the Police did nothing and protected the perps. The same thing has gone on for a long time in Catholic countries, but for different reasons.

True respect for and faith in Christ and His priests, means that this barbarous sin should not be tolerated and that it should be punished with burning at the stake. Everything must be done to discourage these persons from joining and remaining in the priesthood.

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3 thoughts on “USA: Illinois AG alleges 450+ Catholic Priests & Religious abused 1997 children”

  1. The reason witches were burned in the stake in the past is because they use child sacrifices.

    Since we are living now in a world where the coven of witches dictate the politicians, the story was reversed.

  2. If there were 2000 victims of Catholic clergy over 70 years, you can bet that many thousands more were the victims of non-Catholics and non-priests.


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