Croatian MP in EU Parliament devastating comments on the WHO proposed treaty

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12 thoughts on “Croatian MP in EU Parliament devastating comments on the WHO proposed treaty”

  1. How many are red-pilled?

    I know many are still under the illusion that they are going to live even after being vaccinated, thus allowed WHO to take over their governments.

  2. The blood of martyrs is the seed of the Church. This is how we win in the end..and , by this, I do not mean with masonically controlled govt interference.

  3. Is that Dr. Robert Malone standing next to the Croatian MP? If so, what did he say?

    1. It looks like him. Notice how embarassed he looks to be standing next to this great man?

      1. No kidding…How humiliating for the esteemed Dr. Malone. Such a courageous man as the Croatian must have caused Malone’s lips to purse from feeling the necessity for clean underwear.

    2. I was thinking the same thing! Is Malone hiding from view? After all when you play both sides of the field you need to be careful!

  4. Resistance is inside the european desunion soviet.
    Next (s)elections are next year.
    How much do you beg there will be none of them anymore there?
    Recently I’ve got the opportunity to meet Alexandra Henrion-Caude there, who was invited by a bunch of MEPs. A great, classy and brave woman who just published a book to inform in an accessible manner on mRNA. She’s doctor in genetics. Look at what she wrote.

  5. As I mentioned in regard to the UK Parliamentarians, there is no “signing” to bring these WHO “regulations” into effect. Talking about “not signing” is a delaying tactic, what is needed, as James Roguski (Substack) has exhaustively detailed, is for nation states to object to the legislation “INSIDE THE WHO GOVERNING FORUM”. If they do not do this, but instead engage in arguments about “not signing” the WHO regulations in national parliaments (including in EU bodies) the regulations automatically pass into law by default. They have us stitched up well and truly.

    1. IN a way it is ceremonial, because what did the WHO say last time that any government did NOT do. They already gave up our sovreignty, illegally.

  6. That law is passed in our country too, it was called Health Regulation Act. It was not made public and was pushed silently by corrupt senators.

    What he said is true, if someone refuses the vaccine, they will be deemed as threat to human safety will be abducted immediately as a threat.

    We will see this unravel in two years, seeing those who oppose the vaccines will become “TERRORISTS” and EVERY country will have a Center for Disease Control branch where they experiment their new “drugs” on these “TERRORISTS”.

    This is what happens if WHO is taken lightly about their mission killing 2 billion people off the earth.

  7. Leave WHO? It is Malone by Croatian speaker.

    Yes, it is Dr. Robert Malone by the Croatian speaker.

    ICS – International COVID Summit was held at the European Parliament. Malone helped organize it.

    The Malone Institute, (MI), is Signatory #49 of the

    Yes, (MI) is his website, there is a video of his summary of the talks.

    This is video of Dr. David Martin’s entire talk @ the ICS.

    Some things can not be overstated or repeated often enough. We need to pay attention to what is said, but also to what is said-not.

    Videos of other speakers ‘promised’.

    The UN is not the World’s last Hope for Peace. Never was, never will be. Christ founded His Church on Peter, not on a Rockefeller. We need to stop funding & furnishing the UN.

    Jesus, the same, yesterday, today, forever.—St. Paul to the Hebrews


    Live Not By Lies, Aleksandr Sholzenitsyn

    Live-Not By Lies

    Live Not-By-Lies

    Sts. Francisco, Jacinta, Lúcia de Fátima, pray for us.

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