Ukraine and Russia to evaluate the Vatican offer of Peace Mediation between them

Editor’s Note: In a very surprising turn of events, both the representatives of Ukraine and the Russian Federation have agreed to evaluate the Vatican offer to mediate a peace amongst them. This mission was launched by Pope Francis following his consultation with President Zelenskyy of Ukraine, who, according to reports, had said he needed no mediators with Russia. The mission has been entrusted to Cardinal Zuppi, as the article, here below, details. The Russian government has issued a polite criticism of Pope Francis, in that, they have remarked that the Vatican has not yet taken any practical step to organize a trip to Moscow, though an invitation has been offered. — The Pope’s poor health and the costs, are probably the current reasons, as the Vatican is in a deep fiscal crisis due to the fall off of pilgrims during the present pontificate.

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2 thoughts on “Ukraine and Russia to evaluate the Vatican offer of Peace Mediation between them”

  1. What?! The annual tranche of money China pays the Vatican in their secret treaty is inadequate?!

    And don’t forget, China made its own offer to mediate between Russia and Ukraine. . . .

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